Friday, April 9, 2010

Intoducing wikiRotorcraftFlightManual and Things to Ponder: Scud Running and Crew Resource Mgmt (CRM).

I found these videos on the Better Helicopter Flight Training forum also known as wikiRotorcraftFlightManual hosted by Chris Fischer.  "This is primarily for the Robinson R-22. For better or worse, this is the most commonly used trainer, even though the R-44 and 269/300 may be more agreeable training platforms." ~Chris

Chris's biggest motivator for creating this forum!
The Least Experienced Pilots Train New Pilots

This was the biggest motivator. Probably 90% of my first 200 hours of flight training was with CFIs who had less than a year of teaching experience. If you’re new, there’s a good chance that your instructor will only have a few hundred hours more experience flying than you. But I’ve spent some time flying with and talking to high-time instructors and high-time pilots (many on the VerticalReference forums). Per hour with these guys, I’ve learned more than with any other instructor that I’ve flown with. This isn’t a criticism of anybody I’ve ever flown with; it’s the reality of learning to fly helicopters in the US. But for those of you trying to learn, wouldn’t you want access to the most knowledgeable instructors and their methods? For those of you who want to be great instructors, why not have a resource where you can learn from others’ experiences. ~Chris

This first video is a good example why YOU should never get caught in the clouds while in the mountains or scud running any time for that matter . The GPS terrain display was never meant for flying blind in mountainous terrain. In general scud running is dangerous.

This second video is a good example of Crew Resource Management (CRM) and Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM). It's really not a GOOD example but what can happen when not thinking through a situation. When you have two pilots use the extra resource to your advantage, listen to each other!

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